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  The Magician's Secrets, published by Robbins Hunt, is available in trade paperback (ISBN: 978-1-937921-03-3) and a wide variety of e-book formats.



"... Sauls has masterfully created a thriller that is as much literary success as it is mystery. This is a must-read book for the summer; especially for those who love the Outer Banks, and love a great story." - Robert Kelly-Goss, The Daily Advance

The Magician's Secrets is a strikingly ambitious debut novel that delivers the real goods - compelling readability, sharply realized characters, a watchspring-tight plot, the perils and the pleasures of memory, the burden of guilt, and the promise of redemption. The real magician here is J. G. Sauls, and that is a secret that no reader will be able to keep for long. -Keith Ferrell, author of Passing Judgment, former Editor-In-Chief, OMNI magazine



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Photo: j g sauls at signing for The Magician's Secrets.